Rooftop, Balcony, and Above Slab Landscape Design

Welcome to Botanical Traditions, your go-to destination for all things green and serene located locally in Mitcham and practising landscape designs throughout Victoria and NSW!

We specialise and have an interest in transforming rooftops, balconies, and above slab situations into lush, vibrant and plant filled gardens and green spaces through our careful design approach. So, what does ‘above slab’ mean? This terminology simply means any area which is constructed on top of something which plants and water cannot penetrate, the most typical of these is a concrete slab, such as basement, multistorey building, rainwater tanks, even areas with contaminated soil or existing trees can be considered ‘above slab’ as they need to be sealed in some manner, or they cannot be penetrates, or need some other special consideration in the construction or planting of the project. These situations have unique constraints (and opportunities): - drainage, limited space for plant roots, shade and extreme heat are usual considerations when we look at the landscape design of these areas.

Our team of skilled Landscape Architects and Horticulturists are passionate about bringing nature's beauty to these spaces. With our innovative designs and sustainable practices, we aim to create stunning green landscapes that enhance your lifestyle and promote environmental well-being. Whether you're looking to create a corporate image, peaceful retreat or a thriving garden oasis on your rooftop or balcony contact Botanical Traditions to turn this into a reality.

Explore our portfolio below and discover some of our past above slab projects – in some situations you may not even notice.


Landscape Design

Residential Balcony Garden

Cremorne, Victoria


Residential Garden

Kew, Victoria

By Botanical Traditions

Killester College

Springvale, Victoria

Residential Courtyard

Kew, Victoria


BotanicalTraditions_Landscape Design_Early Childhood

Platypus Junction Childcare Centre Above Slab Playspace

Langwarrin, Victoria


Garden Design Botanical Traditions

Residential Garden Above Slab

Mount Waverly, Victoria



Glen Eira Rooftop Playspace

Caulfield North, Victoria


Public Open Space Design

Professor Lynn Corcoran Early Learning Centre Multilevel Playspaces

Parkville, Victoria


Residential Courtyard

Residential Garden Above Slab

Fitzory North, Victoria

East Boundary Rd Childcare Centre Rooftop Playspace

Bentleigh East, Victoria

Platypus Junction Childcare Centre Rooftop Rooftop Playspace

Mulgrave, Victoria

Platypus Junction Childcare Centre Above Slab Playspace

Croydon, Victoria

Botanical traditions

Residential Garden Above Slab

Northcote, Victoria


Glen Eira Road Playspace

Caulfield North, Victoria


Nido Early School Albert Park

South Melbourne, Victoria


Landscape Design Czermak

CBD Balcony and Window Boxes

Melbourne CBD, Victoria

The Learning Sanctuary Brighton Rooftop Playspace

Brighton, Victoria


Shepparton Rooftop Space

Shepparton, Victoria