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Childcare Centre, Langwarrin South




Constructed Year


Length of Design Period

2 Months


Langwarrin South

Project Description

The new Childcare Centre, located in Langwarrin does feature a natural Playspace. Our mission in the landscape design for this project was to provide a nurturing and engaging landscape for young minds to flourish while fostering a deep connection to nature.

At the core of this endeavour is the creation of a natural Playspace that harmonises with the surrounding environment. As this site was located in a Bushfire overlay, the landscape design needed to consider this, and the regulations around designing a safe playground. This included managing vegetation heights near windows and beneath existing trees, maintaining low clumps of vegetation, and keeping garden beds small. We also commitment to preserving the essence of its surroundings by contract growing of indigenous plants from locally collected seeds.

Our Playspace vision extends beyond aesthetics, emphasizing a dynamic environment for diverse group activities. Designed to cater to various age groups simultaneously, it promotes social interaction.

The northern and southern sides of the veranda will seamlessly merge with the landscape, embracing the character of the locale. We have also incorporated reclaimed log edges, complemented by other natural playspace elements.

To enhance the long-term health of the existing trees as well as accessibility, a permeable concrete path meanders through the Playspace, separating the synthetic turf areas from the more untamed, wild sections while allowing water to penetrate the rootzone of the existing mature trees.



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