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Greenvale West Community Centre Playspace




Constructed Year


Length of Design Period

8 Months



Project Description

The project goal was to create an environment that fosters creativity and provides endless opportunities for exploration and play while also providing multipurpose community landscape areas.
One of our featured areas in the playspace is the production zone, where children can learn about gardening and experience the joy of growing their own food. Vegetable planters and a plant-covered shade arbour provide a serene setting for relaxation, while a worm farm teaches environmental stewardship.
For sunny and hot days, we have a wet play area that brings joy and excitement. With a hand pump and splash pond, children can engage in interactive and refreshing water play. Nearby, a digging pit with a log border encourages tactile discovery and treasure hunting. 
To enhance the landscape, African thatch style shelters offer shade over sandpits, creating cosy spaces for imaginative play and social interactions.
We have also taken care to provide various surfaces for physical activities, including bark soft fall areas, natural turf, and synthetic turf areas. These surfaces ensure a safe environment for running, jumping, and playing games, giving parents peace of mind.
Throughout the playspace, we have carefully designed the planting arrangements for children to connect with nature and develop a sense of wonder and curiosity about the natural world.



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