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Project Description

This School project will provide a safe, accessible, inclusive and secure environment for all students which underpins the school mantra of supporting students to be the most likeable and independent version of themselves that they can be. We see the landscape areas as learning spaces which create a sense of reassurance, while also allowing for ‘escape spaces’, where children who feel overwhelmed can find a sensory haven, yet always maintaining sight lines for teachers. Students are challenged by equipment and features such as trampolines, Swings and Ball Play Areas as well as elements to provide a connection to the ‘real world’.Herb and vegetable gardens allow students to be involved in horticulture and horticultural therapy and the process of growing fruit and vegetables. Integral to the school, is the whole school community. Able opportunities are available within the spaces, to welcome the community in. The overall impression of the landscape is rich in character and natural elements.

Design included

Concept, 3D modelling, Existing Tree Plan, Proposed Planting Plan, irrigation Plan, Grading Plan


BotanicalTraditions_Landscape Design_Education
BotanicalTraditions_Landscape Design_Education
BotanicalTraditions_Landscape Design_Education


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