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Seasonal Flower Display Summer 2023, Sydney


Year Designed


Constructed Year
Length of Design Period
3 months
Project Description

The Summer 2023 display in Sydney is a mesmerizing celebration coinciding with the Sydney World Pride Event. Embracing the theme 'Wildflowers of the World' for this display, our design complements the Gather, Dream, and Amplify theme for the World Pride Festival, which draws its 'Colour Palette from the Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree and all the wondrous magic our Country has to offer' (Jessica Johnson – Festival Artwork Director).
In this display, we have specially selected a diverse array of flowers from Australian, North American, South American, European, African, and Asian regions. Each plant serves as a testament to the rich biodiversity of our planet, and the celebration of love and the beauty of nature's diversity. The display utilizes a combination of foliage and flowering plants to create a symphony of colours and movement across the various sites.
The display was installed in August 2022.


Photo by Celina Aspinall

Photo by Celina Aspinall

Photo by Celina Aspinall
Photo by Botanical Traditions
Photo by Botanical Traditions
Photo by Celina Aspinall