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Seasonal Flower Display Spring 2022, Sydney


Year Designed


Constructed Year
Length of Design Period
3 months
Project Description
In Spring 2022, our concept was ‘Wildflowers of the World’. We curated a captivating collection of diverse wildflowers from around the globe for our seasonal display installed in Sydney for Spring 2022. Wildflowers play a vital role in providing critical habitats for pollinators, beneficial insects, and other wildlife, thus contributing to the overall health of ecosystems.  Using Wildflowers in the display helps to educate the general public about plants and pollinators, and adds to the green spaces of an urban environment, increasing peoples enjoyment and health. 
In this display, we have introduced Hexagon Planters which increase the flexibility and interest of the displays. The planting design for each site has been thoughtfully selected, considering factors such as microclimatic conditions, plant height, colour, and texture. We aimed to create an immersive and dynamic display that showcased the beauty and diversity of wildflowers and created an urban oasis for Sydney.
The display was installed in August 2022.
Celina Aspinall


Seasonal Flwoer Display Street