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Seasonal Flower Display Spring 2021, Sydney




Project Description
This Concept Design for Summer 2022 was created to illustrate the application of the concept on a specific site within the project. We produced a number of renders and an animation. The Concept was applied across multiple sites in a large city. The Planting Plan on each site was varied depending on microclimatic conditions and was designed to be a flowering seasonal display. The colours of Summer was reflected in the flowers within the designs. Red and Yellow for the iconic colours of the Surf Life Savers, blue and white the colours of the waves and harbour. The towers are planted to represent the whitewater or sea foam which forms after the wave peaks, and the varying blue of the water cascading down the sides. The central planters are planted in waves that reflect each other. A chance to enjoy the glorious temperature, the waves and the sand. Summer has much to offer. It's a time of great cultural activity including theatre, street performances, and art exhibitions. It's a time to enjoy the natural features of the harbour, water and beaches and a chance to catch up with friends and family. Summer is the season where you slow down, take a break, relax, and unwind. The build up to Christmas is often a busy one, while January means a chance to recharge. ‘Doing Nothing’ or ‘Just Being’ can be an invaluable experience. Summer encourages this non-activity when it beckons you to simply sit and absorb the sun's warmth or spend time with family and friends – nourishing your body and soul. The project was installed in January 2021 throughout the City of Sydney.
Design included

Planting Plan, Concept Design, Visualisations

Estimated Project Timeframe

3 Months


CITYWIDE - 2021 spring Plants Display Town Hall
CITYWIDE - 2021 spring Plants Display stmary CITYWIDE - 2021 spring Plants Display martin
CITYWIDE - 2021 spring Plants Display green

CITYWIDE - 2021 spring Plants Display greensquare

CITYWIDE - 2021 spring Plants Display townhal