Project Summary



Design Stages Included:

Existing Trees, Town Planning, Masterplan, Layout Plan

Estimated Design Timeframe:

3 Months

Wholesale Tree Nursery Masterplan

This Masterplan was for a wholesale production Nursery that has been in operation for 43 years and for 13 years under the current management. The expansion will enable an additional production of trees.

The Nursery is an industry leader in the production of trees, with best practice growing, nursery and land management techniques. They meet or exceed the Nursery industry Accreditation Scheme (NIASA) and the EcoHort Environmental standards. EcoHort is the industry specific Environmental and Natural Resource Management System for NIASA accredited businesses.

Trees play a vital role in reducing urban warming, pollution and improving the value and amenity of properties in rural and urban areas. They also play a key role in the provision of habitat and Stormwater mitigation measures. Established trees are specifically important due to their climate related values such as shade and shelter etc, and their environmental values such as noise reduction wildlife habitat. These are the values which the Nursery is built on, and the expansion will be purpose built undertaken with these values in mind. The layout of the site has been carefully formulated to enable the retention and enhancement of the current trees on the site, as well as the creation of significant habitat areas around the existing trees, along the boundaries and surrounding the existing dams with new planting. In addition, the approach has been to follow the natural fall of the land so any earthworks is minimised and changes to natural typography are minor.

The retention and improvement of these natural areas are essential and integrated into our holistic management of the land. Utilising natural processes where ever we can, for the control of pests and diseases and the creation of habitat areas, particularly the preservation and management of the indigenous trees on site. The design was installed in 2021.