Ruth Czermak - Landscape Architect

If there is a single, solitary message that I can leave you with as a parent, horticulturist and landscape architect it is this:  your children need to be outdoors.  They need to feel the wind in their face, the surface beneath their toes and the soil between their fingers.  They need to look for worms and caterpillars, climb over rocks and catch bugs.  They need to feel the sun and rain on their backs. Outdoor play in today’s small courtyards is possible and is more important than ever, with the increased amount of time that children are spending inside, especially when statistics show that even very young children are spending around 2 hours a day in front of a device or screen.  This garden concept shows you how!

Until the around 9 years of age children learn best when their entire self is involved.  Play is an active form of learning that combines, the mind, body and spirit.  As adults we often overlook the importance of play to a child’s cognitive, physical, social and emotional wellbeing.  Not all kids want to run around an oval or kick a football, and even if they do it probably isn’t possible for many parents. 



Our Team

Ruth Czermak - Principal Landscape Architect and Horticulturist

Ruth Czermak founded Botanical Traditions in 1996, while she was completing a Bachelor of Science in Horticulture at Burnley.  Originally, the company specialised in the design of residential gardens in the inner eastern suburbs of Melbourne, then evolved into the retail nursery industry and the design of larger residential gardens.   More recently she has become specialised in the design of playspaces with a special focus on natural playspaces and sustainability.  She has extensive experience with raingardens and playspaces on elevated levels.  She has designed landscapes throughout Victoria including Public Parks, Community Gardens, Historic Gardens in addition to many Kindergartens, Primary Schools, and a few Secondary Schools.

In 2006 Ruth completed a Masters in Landscape Architecture.  At this time, as well as running her business she then taught Plants and Planting Design along side Jeremy Pike, Landscape Materials and tutored in many design studios at Melbourne University before returning to her business full time.  She is still a guest lecturer in these and similar subjects and also speaks at many local government events on sustainability and related fields.

Today her business employs Landscape Architects, Architects and Landscape Designers.  Her firm is small and full of enthusiasm and talent. 

Most of out clients are local councils, architects and commercial oganisations.  The majority of the designs currently undertaken by the firm are playspace designs, public or semipublic open spaces and a small number of varied residential designs.  Some of our more interesting projects include the Maryborough Station Domain Project, CSL main drive and Childcare Centre, Monash Childrens Centre, Numerous playspaces on rooftop like areas, Ocean Grove Childrens Centre, entrance signs for a rural council, image building through landscape for commercial clients and the consultation for a Community Gathering area for Whittlesea Council located in Renaissance Rise and Renaissance Rise Childrens Centre.  She is a frequent judge for the Landscape Victoria Awards and the AILDM student awards. 

Ruth was recently awarded a Fellow of the Australian institute of Landscape designers and Managers (AILDM) for services to the association and industry as a whole.