Project Summary

Estimated Project Timeframe:
Design 12 weeks, Construction 6 weeks..




Botanical Traditions - Domestic Residence Melbourne

In this garden design a curved deck was constructed to reach into the back of the garden and create the feeling of being in tree tops. The project uses Australian Iron Bark decking in a warf deck profile which was sustainably harvested. This timber has a rich brown colour with a purple tone throughout. A number of Eucalyptus trees have been planted in the deck to strengthen the feeling of being in a natural setting.

The soil was very sandy and contained limited organic matter. We improved the existing soil by incorporating it with an organically certified compost, Blood and Bone, and a probiotic soil conditioner. In addition to this we planted a green manure crop which will grow for a number of weeks before being incorporated into the soil and composting down to enrich the soil further.

Ironbark sleeper walls were also constructed as well as a granitic sand driveway and pathways.

The planting design used a mixture of native and indigenous plants. This will mean that after the establishment period little additional irrigation
will be required creating a waterwise garden. To aid establishment a below ground irrigation system will be installed which uses captured rainwater.


Large boulder with creeper on fence  
Native hedging aroung deck
Deck surrounded by native plants
Play area near gravel driveway
Play area near gravel driveway
Side yard with hammock