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St Johns Primary School
Child Care Centre, Bentleigh East

Child Care Centre, Bentleigh East

This new centre had a difficult layout due to narrow areas with a playspace at both ground and podium level.

Windsor Park, Norlane Centre
Playspace Botanical Traditions

Oatlands Primary School

This new playsapce at Oatlands Primary School has been created for the Prep year level. It consists of a large ship climbing feature surrounded by softfall sand, textured paths, pebble play area, chess tables, a wet play feature and bush telephone.

All of these are nestled within what will become a lush planted area.

Sandpit Botanical Traditions

Ocean Grove Community Centre Playspace

This centre has playsapce areas for Occasional Care, Long Daycare and Kindergarten.

The playspace is divided into different spaces for each age group, and includes a shady forest area, a large productive area and an array of different elements, surfaces and materials to encourage imaginative play. Indigenous trees and shrubs along with mass-planted tussock plants are used on the steep slope to the east of the site.

Botanical Traditions

Playspace Design for Glen Eira Road Childrens Centre

This two-storey centre has playspaces on both the ground and first floors, with wheelchair access required on both floors.

On the ground floor there is a small playspace for the babies consisting of sandpit, synthetic turf areas and sensory plantinhg. In addition there is an area for older kids which includes a vegetable garden area, sandpit and wet play features. The rooftop playspace has synthetic softfall and grass areas, a large sandpit, raised decks and planters.

Concept Plan Czermak

Playspace Design for Sandringham Primary School

This primary school has a large, open oval area, which is exposed to wind and hot sun. Two areas required sheltering - one along an adjacent road, and the other along the back of portable classrooms.

Mass-planted tussock plants along with fast-growing  deciduous trees are used to provide shade and act as a wind-break.  Mulch path are interspersed with informal log and rock seats, and spectator mounds allow space for teachers, children and parents to rest or watch play on the oval.

Concept Plan Czermak


Playspace Design for St Kilda Childrens Centre

Located on a multi-level building with an underground carpark, this project presented a number of challenges.

A ‘natural’ playspace was created using native plants and elements such as turf mounds.

Different areas are linked by paths to provide easy transition between spaces, and a communal courtyard with deck and lawn areas is planted with productive trees and vegetable gardens.  Specific construction methods using rooftop growing media allows the establishment of plants on the upper levels.




Concept Plan Czermak

Playspace Design for Early Learning Centre - Northern Suburbs

This kindergarten is located on a busy street and is very exposed in summer.  The area consists of two distinct playspaces - one each for younger and older children. 

We utilised the natural grade of the site to create level changes, and incorporated a variety of surface materials and textures to add to small-scale interest.

Playspace Czermak Landscape Architect

Playspace Design for Liardet Street Childcare centre

This centre had distinct spaces for Playgroup, Long-Day Care and the Kindergarten, and was to replace an existing kindergarten that was demolished.

Low-growing plants are used to allow for easy supervision across the site, with large areas of softfall for flexible play and meandering paths to link the areas. This design also includes internal courtyards, and a number of decked areas which double as stages, quiet reading areas while protecting the roots of the retained, existing trees.

Playsapce Concept Czermak

Playspace Design for Strathmore Childcare Centre - Strathmore

Playsapce Czermak

Playspace Design for CSL Childcare Centre- Parkville

This project involved the schematic design of a playspace, then the concept design followed by installation of a playspace in Parkville. Construction was completed mid-2011.

Playspace -Czermak Landscape Architect

Playspace Design for Early Learning Centre - Northern Suburbs

This centre has recently changed ownership and the new owners require a more ‘natural’ garden-like playspace than currently exists.

The existing trees have been retained and used in the new design. A previously hard-to-supervise area has turned into a productive garden, separate from the rest of the playspace.

Playsapce Design Czermak

Playspace for Lara Kindergarten

This site was divided into four distinct areas and included a synthetic turf mound, sandpits, a digging patch, loose bark softfall areas and a productive space. Construction was completed in early 2011.