Productive Gardens and Edible Garden Design

Do you want to grow your own vegetables, herbs and other productive plants but don’t really know where to start?

Do you have an empty area of your garden, planters or a balcony and want to start growing your own edible plants? Want to convert your front lawn into a vegetable garden? Want to infill plant your existing garden with edible plants? Not sure what plants to grow or how to position them? Need some advise on how to optimize your soil and productive efficiency?

If you’ve answered “Yes” to any of the above, get in contact with us. We offer an edible design service to help you create an aesthetically pleasing, functional, productive space to feed your family. In some cases, with smaller areas we can do this for you remotely.  In addition would you like to receive a mix of herbs, vegetables and edible plants straight to your door, or for local pickup direct from the growers.  We can assist with our plant subscription service which is a seedling tray once a month on a set date. Occasionally substitutions to the seedlings may be made. We do this ensure all seedlings are the highest quality.

Want To Have Continuous Harvest

Remember your seedlings will produce for between 6 – 12 weeks so it’s a good idea to stagger sowing or plantings seedlings by around four weeks. The best results will be in garden beds or raised planters where there are 6 hours of sunlight a day. The ideal soil is a light, sandy loam enriched with well composted manure or other organic matter. One tray is perfect for two people to have a salad a day!

Seedling Selection

A special blend of hardy and fast growing productive vegetables that you can start harvesting around 2 weeks from planting! The kits consists of a mixed tray of seedlings – between 64 and 80 plants in total. Easy gardening with the kids and ideal for a small garden space, we take the worry out of selection.  Each tray is selected to offer maximum harvest, in minimal time and space. We source the seedlings especially for our Clients and organize to have them grown specifically for you.

Once your seedlings are ready you can either pick them up from our Mitcham address, or have them delivered locally for a small additional cost.

Seedlings will be available from the 28th of April.
Free delivery with 8 punnets or more in Mitcham or Blackburn (please enquire for deliveries outside these areas)


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