Project Summary

Designed: 2020

Design Included:

Concept Plans, Planting Plans, Visualisations, Tender Plans

Estimated Design Timeframe:

12 Weeks

Botanical Traditions - Marian College

Marian College is undergoing an extensive Staged redevelopment which includes a number of new buildings and renovated buildings. 

A masterplan for the development of the spaces between the buildings has been developed.  The design of the school grounds originally started back in 2016, with the Master Plan design starting in 2020.  The aim was to introduce multiple outdoor areas with ample shade and seating throughout the school.

Spill out areas adjacent to buildings, interesting planting and sculptural elements all focus in the Master Plan.  The design also included the creation of temporary spaces which will be utilised in the future for new buildings. Stages 1A - 1C has been completed and Stage 2 is in the process of been constructed.

In one sapce which is a temporary space, we have installed wicking garden beds, umbrellas and seats. The area has now become the photographic hub of the school with the seasonal plants getting replanted. The wicking garden beds hold water in them, so only need to be topped up every two weeks or so. When the area has the new building constructed, these wicking garden beds will be relocated to their new home where they will be used to grow herbs and vegetables. Wicking garden beds are an ideal solution for all kinds and sizes of raised or inground gardens. Why not check out this short video on using wicking gardens or self watering pots.


In the illustrations below, we have our renders and visualisations on the left hadn side and the Constructed project on the right hand side.


Rose Render
Rise Garden Botanical Traditions
wicking render Botanical Traditions
wicking garden Botanical Traditions