Platypus Junction Childcare Centre & Kindergarten, Mulgrave

Platypus Junction Mulgrave Childcare Centre effortlessly embodies our zest for utilising natural and interactive elements as playspace features, and saw Botanical Traditions win two major awards in the Landscape Design: Educational/Institutional/Playspace category at the 2018 AILDM National Design Awards – Gold, along with the coveted Best In Category.

As a multi-level facility which includes a rooftop area exposed to the natural environement, there was a high level of complexity involved in the design of a multifacted playspace which also embraced plantlife suitable for use in future educational programs. When designing for the different playspace areas, we looked at the age group of the children using each space and the relevant educational and other play outcomes for each specific age group. This was considered inconjunction with the microclimatic conditions created by the design of the building and its orientation. A large variety of plants including productive plants, natives and exotics are all used, enabling children to be able to experience the garden more fully through exposure to and interaction with life cycles, seasons, harvesting, planting and bush crafts.

Through careful use and division of space, different textures on the ground and particular planting, we have created a playspace which is interesting, varied and utilised fully both through play and structured learning activities.

landscape Design

landscape Design