Project Summary

Estimated Project Timeframe:

10 weeks for design concept and documentation.

Botanical Traditions - Residential Garden, Elwood

This project involves a new garden to go hand-in-hand with the newly-built residence.

The front yard, with driveway, pedestrian path through the garden, and a vehicle turn-around space, is to be framed with native trees, shrubs and underplanting. The driveway is to be made out of a permeable paving product. The side area will consist of raised deck walkways, a large, diagonally-laid deck for entertaining and planted areas. A diagonal configuration instantly draws the eye into the garden and will enhance interior views. Timber steps then rise up onto the raised walkway deck, that extends through the enclosed shady courtyard to the open deck entertaining area and beyond.

The back garden consists of the swimming pool, lawn and productive space - it forms the more functional area of the garden. The swimming pool will be surrounded by a strip of paving which will extend an area for sun lounges, allowing access to the pool without having to open and close a gate. The strip of paving also stops tannin from any timber decks from staining the colour of the water in the pool. A feature tree in a large pot located behind the sun lounges draws the eye through the garden from the deck entertainment area.

Construction is currently underway, and due for completion early 2012.


Landscape design

Landscape Design

Landscape design