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We offer design and consulting services for residential projects, water retailers, government departments, commercial projects and community organisations throughout Victoria and Southern NSW. We also prepare council planting plans and greywater permits in Victoria.

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Landscape Mockup/Concept Design

(Generally takes 4-6 weeks)

This important phase involves the formulation of the creative response to a brief. This stage usually involves meeting with the client, confirmation and development of a project brief, review of client provided baseplan material and any initial required research. We ensure the designer is familiar with the site and also check both designer and client have the same aims and outcomes in mind. 

This stage may include the production of hand drawn sketches, 3D models and montages, 2D plans, and the compilation of indicative photographs. Such plans and other drawings produced are illustrative and considered as the first pass of the design, and do not contain the level of information required for Tender or Construction use.

Click here for an example of a Concept Plan

3D Model Generation

We have the ability to take your designs and show them in 3D using Vectorworks. This may be very important for Council permit applications, presentations for stakeholders or just so that you have a better understanding of what your landscape area will look like.

Planting Plans for Council

(Generally takes 2 - 4 weeks)

Often as part of lodging a Planning Permit to Council for a house, townhouses or units, you need to submit a Planting Plan. We have completed planting plans for most councils within the Melbourne Metro area and are happy to assist you with this requirement. To meet the Landscaping Plans critera, an arborist report or a site visit to identify existing trees may be required. We can assist you with these items--and if you need a quick turnaround, we can assist with a priority service. Once the Council approves the Planting Plan, the plants shown on the Plan must be installed in the nominated pot sizes prior to Council sign off.

Preliminary Design Stage/Tender Documents

(Generally takes 5 - 8 weeks)

After the concept stage is completed, the next stage adds further detail to the drawn design to enable you to obtain quotes for construction and compare them. A Tender Package may include a number of plans depending on the size of your project – Layout Plans, irrigation Plans, Lighting Plans, and Grading Plans and Sections are pretty common.  In addition there might be details, specifications, Materials Schedules and a Schedule of Works developed for the project. 

The construction design of structures or elements is undertaken by engineers.


Click here for an example of a Preliminary Plan

Construction Support Stages

Most of the time there is little change between the Tender Issue of the drawings and the Construction Issue.

The landscape architect does not supervise or manage the building works, as this is the role of the landscape contractor. The Landscape Architect will assess quality of work at key checkpoints and report back to the Client.  Other services offered during this phase of the project involve sample approvals and plant procurement. 



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