Botanical Traditions - Our Landscape Design Services

We offer design and consulting services for Residential projects,Commercial Projects (Schools and Early learning Centres), water retailers, government departments, and community organisations throughout Victoria and Southern NSW. We also prepare council Planting Plans for Town Planning and Greywater permits in Victoria.

It is important to involve the Landscape Consultants during the early design phase to promote good connectivity between the building and landscape, and ensure the landscape is documented to fulfil the design intent. The landscape design may extend to other related features such as artistic elements, drainage, lighting, irrigation and fences. Careful coordination with other related consultants may also be required.

An appealing street frontage and welcoming entry which is able to blend individual qualities of the site and project with the essence of local surrounds is front of mind in our design process.

We like to use natural elements through flora, materials and light to tie the different areas of your property together, so any structures, outdoor areas and landscaping effortlessly fuse together. Water features can provide a calming effect to counter rising levels of stress or provide a reflective quality, while natural light and ventilation can improve the character and ambience of a building, which in turn has a positive impact on physical wellbeing of those who use it.

Our Design Process involves a comprehensive strategy taking projects from design through to construction if required.

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Initial or Horticultural Consultation

We think it is important to get to know your designer before engaging them for your project—after all you maybe working together for a number of years. It is not unusual for both large residential projects and commercial projects to have an active life of around 3 years.

An initial consultation is a chance to meet and discuss in basic terms your project and what your aims are or to ask very specific questions about a particular aspect of your garden.

It is also a chance for Clients to obtain some initial guidance in regards to their project. This is also a chance to define the scope of works and your project brief. After an initial consultation we prepare a Fee for any additional work.

If your project is small (such as a renters garden or small balcony), you may only be after a short consultation and we are happy to assist on an as needed basis.

Concept Plan.html

Landscape Mockup/Concept Design/Master Plan

(Generally takes 4-6 weeks)

The concept design phase is very important as this is when the creative response to a design is formulated. This stage usually includes a meeting with the client, confirmation and development of a project brief, review of Client provided baseplan material and any initial research for the project.

It involves making sure that the designer is familiar with the site and also helps to ensure that both the designer and the Client have the same aims and outcomes in mind.

A mockup should be considered the first pass of a design, while the landscape Concept is a more resolved plan.

They may include the production of hand drawn sketches, 3D models and montages, 2D plans and the compilation of indicative photographs. These plans and other drawings produced are illustrative and not meant to be used for Tender or Construction as they do not contain the required level of information.

Videos and walk throughs can also be prepared and are recommended for all larger projects.


3D Model Generation

(Generally is done at the same time as the Landcape Concept)

We have the ability to take your designs and show them in 3D using Vectorworks. This may be very important for Council permit applications where there are specific requirements, Estate Planting Plans Fundraising, presentations for stakeholders or just so that you have a better understanding of what your landscape area will look like.

Click here to go to some examples of our 3D Models

Planting Plans

(Generally takes 3 - 5 weeks)

Plants play a large role in a garden. Getting a good understanding of the existing trees as well as the existing soil conditions and other microclimatic conditions is critical to the success of the plants within the landscape.

Generally, a site visit is required and if work is extensive, we recommend an existing tree Plan is prepared together with an arborist report. We can help you to arrange this report.

We can also put together a plant moodboard for you and if required a seasonal montage so you can see and indicative image of how your garden may look depending on the different seasons.

If you need a quick turnaround a week, we are also able to assist with a priority service, otherwise generally there is a 3 week turn around period, but can be run at the same time as the concept stage.

Planting Plans for larger projects are generally produced in black and white, and come with a complete Planting Specification.


Preliminary Design Stage/Tender Documents

(Generally takes 5 - 8 weeks)

After the concept stage is completed, the next stage adds further detail to the drawn design to enable you to obtain quotes for construction and compare them.

A Tender package may include several plans depending on the size of your project–Layout Plans, irrigation Plans, Lighting Plans, and Grading Plans and Sections are common.

In addition, there might be Details, Specifications, Materials Schedules, and a Schedule of Works developed for the project.

The construction design of structures or elements is undertaken by engineers.

Click here for an example of a Preliminary Plan

Construction Support Stages

(Runs During Construction)

Most of the time there is little change between the Tender issue of the drawings and the Construction issue drawings as we prefer to finalise things at the Tender stage to avoid variations.

We do not offer any Construction Administration Services or Project Management Services.

The landscape architect does not supervise or manage the building works, as this is the role of the landscape contractor.

We offer a support service to those performing the Contract Administration service. The Landscape Architect will review the work at key checkpoints and report back to the Client/Contract Administrator. Other services offered during this phase of the project involve sample and plant approvals and if required plant procurement.


Knock Down Rebuilt (KDRB)

We get it, you have had a wonderful house built and now are looking at the garden. What to do with this blank canvas, especially when the budget has been spent on all that new furniture?

We have developed a KDRB Light option for a number of standard houses from some of the bigger volume builders. These packages offer limited customisation and a cost effective solution to create a garden to match the house.


Productive Gardens

Your organic, home-grown fruit, vegetables and herbs are fresher, more nutritious and more delicious than conventionally farmed fruit, vegetables and herbs. Most fruit and vegetables lose nutritional value when they are stored for lengthy periods, or when they are being transported from interstate or overseas.

Do you want to grow your own vegetables, but don't know where to start. We can help. It doesn't matter if you are rending, have a small balcony or a large garden - everyone can grow their own productive plants with the right advise.

Many vegetable gardens fail due to incorrect soil preparation, location or loss of interest. We can assist you to develop your own highly productive garden.

In addition we offer a subscription service to enable you to source unusual and organic plant varieties not always seen at your local Bunnings.