Botanical Traditions - Knock Down Rebuld (KDRB)

Out Light service for KDRB Clients offers the opportunity to transform the area around your new built. These packages offer some customisation but are tailored to the KDRB market and the set footprints of many of the houses. Check out the images below for some inspiration. See something you like? Contact us Today.


Astor Grange Porter Davis LanscapeThis formal planting design suits a South facing front garden. The deciduous trees at the front provide a green outlook in Summer, and allow Winter sunlight in. The plants are a mix of hardy exotic and native plants. Aster Grange LandscapeThe house has a 7m setback and is illustrated with a hamptons facade, similar to what is available with the Porter Davis Astor Grange 46. The width of the illustrated block is 17m