Project Summary

Design of concept:
1 month




Botanical Traditions - Residential Garden, Hawthorn

This design was an exploration of contemporary landscape design and was a response to the clients brief for something individual, water wise and unique.

Inspiration was drawn from a trip to sunset country in Victoria where bush fire had been followed by rain. The red and orange sand of the semi-desert contrasted brilliantly with the vivid colours of native wildflowers.

A mix of natives, indigenous and exotic plants were chosen to emulate this colour and excitement, these plants were also chosen to create a garden that changed through the seasons and with the viewing angle.

A number of subtle features placed strategically in the landscape, draw the eye through the garden and to the custom designed water feature, one of the main focal points of the space. A different experience of the garden is gained from inside the house, exposing different features and plants that are hidden from certain points of view.