Project Summary

Estimated Project Timeframe:

4 weeks for concept planning and documentation and 4 weeks for construction (Stage 1).

Botanical Traditions - Glen Iris Primary

The new landscape design for the nature trail at Glen Iris Primary is a place of natural experiences for children that will inspire happy memories and develop a life-long appreciation and interest in the environment. We strongly believe that if children do not experience ‘nature’ they will not appreciate it in their adult lives.

The landscape design features a productive and sensory garden area (Stage 2), a range of 3 different sized gathering spaces or outdoor classrooms, paths of different materials and scales, a digging patch, rainwater tank, productive fruit areas and native, indigenous and exotic plants.

The Sensory Garden which will be constructed in Stage 2 of the project features many different perennial herbs, fruit trees and herbaceous perennials.  The main aim of the sensory garden is to stimulate the senses, memory and mood.  The garden has different textures, fragrant flowers and leaves, colours, small details and small scale areas. 

The rest of the garden is also designed with the senses in mind but is designed using really hardy plants which are suitable for the conditions in a school yard.

These areas can be adapted in a variety of ways and can also be incorporated into the educational curriculum easily with history, art and science aspects.

During excavation we uncovered many rocks which we then used in the new design as informal seats rather then sending them to landfill.  This helped us to reduce the waste associated with the project as well as the eventual cost.

Stage 1 has been completed and was planted by the school children over 2 planting days.  As part of the planting day the kids got to learn about the growth of plants and what plants need to remain healthy.


Before Photograph



After View


Entrance Before


Playspace R Czermak Concept Sketch of Entrance


Czermak Playspace

Entrance prior to Planting but after installation


Plating Day Botanical Traditions

Planting Demonstration on The School Planting Day

Design Czermak