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Armstrong Creek East Playspace


Year Designed


Constructed Year
Length of Design Period
7 months
Armstrong Creek
Project Description

The Armstrong Creek East Community Hub landscape design combines community open space, childcare, and preschool. Our design covered the public spaces, as well as playspaces and carpark areas. The landscape includes areas of different scales, encouraging exploration and discovery.

The Childcare Playspace offers a variety of open-ended play opportunities. The younger toddlers have an informally divided area away from the main playspace. The main playspace features swings, pebble play, sandpit, digging areas, misting and wetplay area, and lush vegetation. A large productive area is centrally located. To the east of the productive area is a large sandpit, accompanied by an adjacent abstract boat area. The sandpit is partially covered by a shade structure with vegetation growing on it.

The Preschool Playspace provides various areas suitable for older children's play. Many items are similar to those in the Childcare Playspace but feature different characteristics and materials as children attend both facilities. Large paved areas under cover have been provided to allow for small tables and chairs, art activities, etc.


BotanicalTraditions_Landscape Design_Early Childhood


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