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Silver Award

Botanical Traditions - East Boundary Road Chidcare Centre

In this design there are a number of open spaces that can be used for multiple activities, we have also worked with a difficult layout to provide varied opportunities. 

On the ground-floor level in the northern area we have a sandpit, feature trees and an open synthetic turf area. There is a path with a turning area at one end for wheeled play. Adjacent to this is a synthetic softfall area which is partially shaded by the pergola above. The pergolas have climbing plants growing on them. In the other groundfloor playspace there are two synthetic turf areas, a sandpit, bush telephone and a small enclosed area fro outdoor art activities.  There is also a sensory garden, synthetic softfall area and sandpit.

On the first floor playspace area there is a large synthetic softfall area, sandpit in deck and expansive synthetic turf areas, with plants are located in planters.  We have utilised vertical greenwalls for herb planting on both levels.

The planting is varied, hardy and needing little maintenance. There is a mixture of evergreens (both natives and exotics), deciduous and palm-like plants. This will provide seasonal interest as well as soften the view of the building from the streets and neighbouring properties.

The playspace was completed in early 2016.


landscape Design

landscape Design