Project Summary


Design, raingarden, plumbing, plants and planting, mulching and path .

Estimated Project Timeframe:

2 Weeks Construction

12 Weeks Design and Plant Growing Time


Clifton Hill Primary - Raingarden

The Clifton Hill Primary Raingarden was design by Ruth Czermak and constructed in the base of an existing swale area.

The new landscaped area consists of both dry garden areas and the raingarden treatment area. The surrounding paved area was graded towards the swale and an estimated 500,000L of rainwater will be filtered through the Raingarden each year. This simple technique provides water for the Raingarden while removing pollutants from excess water that re-enter the stormwater system after it has been refined.

Soil which was excavated out of the base of the swale to make room for the filtration media was used to construct viewing mounds around the swale area. All the plants used in the garden are indigenous to the lower Yarra area. The use of a range of different plant types creates a number of different habitat niches.

After construction of this area planting day for th entire school was arranged, with each child getting involved in planting and learning how the garden works. Once the planting was completed a small tanker was brought in to provide rainwater for irrigation during the establishment phase, after which the Raingarden will require no additional irrigation.

Botanical Traditions has also designed and constructed the raingarden at Armadale Primary and St Johns Primary in East Melbourne. If your school or other organisation is interested in developing a Raingarden there are many funding opportunities available.


Students helping to plant

Clifton Hill Raingarden


Raingarden Just After Planting (fenced during the establishment phase)Clifton Hill Primary Raingarden

Raingarden by Ruth Czermak