Project Summary



Design Stages Included:

Visualisations, Concept Plans

Estimated Design Timeframe:

1 Months

City Public Space

Nature is good for us and there is plenty of evidence that exposure to nature, enhances people’s health, well-being and happiness – with green spaces even promoting prosocial behaviours. Introducing green areas into the urban environment has many co-benefits.

Mentally, we can become disconnected from nature because we are now living in Primarily urban environments, where exposure to nature is limited. Reintroducing nature, and the nature experience creates psychological, restoration and increased health. Research is beginning to emerge that links spending time in, and interacting with nature as having significant health mitigation, restoration and inspiration characteristics. In greenspaces people become more active and social. While passive engagement such as walking or looking at a greenspace offers some benefit, active exploration and interaction offers more. Not only this, but many studies now link spending time in greenspace with reduced mental fatigue and increased productivity.

Introducing enlivened and engaging spaces where social connection can be felt, where families can spend time and where people can sit and be comfortable is essential for living a good, healthy and robust life in an urban environment. Everyday nature is required for our health and wellbeing.