Project Summary



Design Stages Included:

Visualisations, Concept Plans

Estimated Design Timeframe:

1 Months

Cathedral Temporary and Seasonal Flower Display

Successful cities, towns, suburbs and local neighbourhoods all share a set of specific characteristics, and an ongoing sense of purpose. They are dynamic places with an interesting rhythm, where people are inspired to engage with others and take an active interest in their local area.

A well designed Floral Display Program can play a pivotal role in assisting people to feel and become part of a community. The spaces which the program enhances can be designed in such a way to incorporate additional greenery into the space, play a role in the education of the community and foster engagement. Ideally these spaces are areas where long lasting friendships and connections with others can be made. This can be encouraged by offering a mix of activities and services, styles and approaches at the different sites. It is these spaces that are of importance to the ongoing development of place and community identity as well as the promotion of the city to visitors and investors.

This Landscape design was developed as a response to Tender. The Concept Plan featured a temporary installation of seasonal Australian flowers together with informational stands in a high profile city location. The concept was to showcase Australian flowering native plants while also encouraging people to visit the natural areas where the flowers occur as well as utilise these types of plants in their own landscaped gardens. We also developed a complete short video visualisation of the site to communicate what it would be like to move through the space.

The Client engaged us and we hope to see this Concept Design utilised sometime in 2022.