Project Summary

Estimated Project Timeframe:

10 weeks for design concept and documentation.

Under construction

Botanical Traditions - Early Learning Centre

The client was unhappy with the existing playspace which consisted of an exposed yard, tanbark and a few pieces of fixed play equipment.

The new design is currently being implemented, and the end result will be a shady, more natural playspace.  The designed landscape areas will encourage and provide a place where links can form between children, the environment and care givers. The main social areas are the sandpits, bird cage, cubby and sensory garden

It is also a place where children can use their imagination to create play, providing a stage with items like the cubby to encourage role playing, or the sensory and stepping stone areas as small-scale places suitable for individuals or small groups.

Physical activity is provided by the use of moveable equipment but also through the topography of the site, textured ground surfaces and edging.